Monday 14 May 2012


There are so many great markets in London and of course, many of the obvious float to the top, and are packed and filled with visitors.  Brixton Market is NOT one of those.  

Access:  Tube in on the Victoria line to Brixton.  

Village Market is a shedded, village like arrangement of streets and avenue's filled with totally cool, independent eateries and boutiques selling the most adorable hand-selected items from vintage french clothing to handmade childrens toys.  As you walk down, say, 1st Ave, and make a left onto 6th Ave, you have choice of Cornercopia, Federation Coffee, French & Grace and the list goes on and on. If you want pizza, asian, soups, british...whatever you fancy, Brixton Village has got a good version of it.  ONe particular favorite is Seven at Brixton. The menu is printed on an envelope, the decor is adorable and the table's, as in all of the cafe's, spill out onto the "avenues".Very social; very fun.  

Saturday Markets:
On rotating Saturdays, there are themed markets ranging from 
Retro and Vintage (3rd Sat of every month), 
Brixton Flea Market (1st Sat of month) is just treasures galore -- the beauty is that there is no need for vendors to book a stall; they can just show up and sell their stuff. One man's garbage is another's gold type of thing!
Brixton Makers Market (2nd Sat of every month) is homemade jewelery, skincare products, baked goods, original art and design.  And the bonus is that there is a guided tour of this reclaimed area at 2:30pm given by the Brixton Society.  Love it.  

Farmers Market:
While I completely recommend going on Saturdays, on Sundays there is a fantastic Farmers Market. Couple that with the already magnificent food vendors, you can stock up on the best of your weeks groceries.  

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