Tuesday 20 March 2012

Favorite London Walks

Love the idea of guided walks.  I have scheduled them in NY, I have gone on them in London and I just never tire of the banter of the dedicated guides that never seem to run out of steam, humor, charisma.  Perhaps they crash and burn and one of their colleagues then steps up -- while they recuperate -- but its never a case where I've seen a guide not at "their best".  That being said, you can't go wrong in whatever walk/talk/tour you decide on, but  here are a line up of a few of my favorites:

Fox & Squirrel~  on her website they have fabulous, ready-made walks & talks already arranged under the categories of ART, VINTAGE, FASHION.  Already, I'm in love.  I had inquired about a custom walk that would be in the evening and the stuff Penelope came back with was FABULOUS!!
Take a look:
1) Millinery class: We will be exploring the world of hat making with one of London's most acclaimed milliners.
2) The art of perfumery. Please see below the experiences I can offer, and, choose one.
Fragrance in Visual Art:You will experience some delightful scents and while working out the colour, shape and scenery of a fragrance (be ready to consider the scent of a Picasso painting...) and create your own olfaction-inspired piece of art.

Touchable Fragrance:
Prepare for a delicious workshop which brings together perfume with fashion and textiles, whether you'll work out which fine fragrances corresponds to silk, bubblewrap, velvet and even chalk, while learning about the connections between architecture, sculpture and scent.

Scent in the 1920s.The 1920s is one of the most discussed of vintage eras, but this is a new, scent-based take on the decade, in which we discover art, culture and social mores throug the lens of vintage perfumes. From aviation to silent movies, smoking and surrealism, fragrance can tell a story of the age.
3) Vintage Hair & Make up:A demo on how to make the perfect bee-hive hair and 1920s eyeliner flick
4) A story-telling walk through Soho:
An established London- base story teller will reveal a magical side of the city.
'Goddess to Succubus' a walk through Bewick Street and more that ends with music and stories in St Anne's churchyard /Soho square? This will take in the erotic shops along the way where the story teller will bring to life ancient sex myths such as the wonderful Egyptian 'Nut and Geb' in the centre of London.

I mean, are these FABULOUS, or what?!!  Next walk is April 14 and after that, May 12 (which I will be attending) 

Street Art London Tours Looking for something that your kids may actually be interested in? How about graffiti following throughout London?  This city is filled with fantastically creative people and some of them (are they criminals? - i don't know!) are decorating (defacing, to the pleasure of graffiti lovers everywhere!) otherwise terribly boring blank spaces.  Griff and the gang give regularly scheduled tours every Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday and will also put together a custom tour to suit other times that are convenient for your group.  LOVE these.  Going this Sunday and can't wait to report back on what we saw this time around....

And last but not least, is a very fun/funny walking tour called Liar's London.  What happens is, 2 tour guides walk with you in a designated area (we have picked Chelsea/Kings Rd area) where one guide tells you the truth about some feature and the other, true stories about the location. Points are awarded at each stop and there is a prize at the end for the person who is not fooled by our silver tongued tricksters. Dogs on sticks, ghost bears, lavatory humour, satanic sports venues, secret agents, vampires, phantom Eskimos, wombats, ultra violence and suicidal sea captains. This plus the story of Diana Dors and John Betjamin, Wellington's duel and the secret of the Green Door. More bonkers tales than you can shake a stick (with or without a dog attached) at but which are true? Sounds fun?  More on that later. 

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