Wednesday 21 March 2012

Fave Miami Eats

I am actually looking forward to a Dickensonian Christmas in London this year, but lo and behold, its also a great time to vamoose and take advantage of the long break which is so prevalent.
With that I've had several clients ask me lately for my recommends in Miami. So let me share that with everyone here:
Where to dine on Christmas Day~ I wholly recommend The Fontainbleu.  Iconic. Spectacular. Delightful. Fun.  And with no less than 8 restaurants (!) but with 3 of them offering special Christmas Eve and Christmas Day menu's.  I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't be impressed with the "wow" factor but if you are not into bling, forget it.
La Scala at The Fontainbleu

My other faves for the rest of your stay:
South Beach:
Joe’s Stone Crabs — do NOT leave Miami without eating here.

Smith & Wollensky — Steak the American way.  AND spectacular views over Biscayne Bay -- simply GORGEOUS

Prime 112 – steak the American way, also, but with views of ...celebrities.  A fab place, fab food, and a pretty good shot at seeing a Kardashian. One downside, the wait staff hustle the hell out of you as they want to turn the table fast. Ignore them and eat slow. And order dessert AFTER they've given you your check. Wise guys.

I still like China Grille but some people think its passe’.  True, it has been around for a long time. The decor is so 80"s and way OTT but the food is great.  Fun spot for not-to-young kids. No website. 404 Washington Ave.

Jerry’s Deli — honking huge sandwiches and awesome for breakfast! And those diner waitress's serving you that have been there for 50 years, smacking their gum, asking "whaddy'll have, honey??" So experienced, they can run with a cup of coffee without spilling a drop. They are classic. 

Quattro on Lincoln rd. -- amazing Italian

Ice Box CafĂ© — dessert after dinner

Miss Yip Chinese Cafe — cute cute and great Chinese restaurant off Lincoln Rd.

The Big Pink — cheap lunch options. Fun. Can walk in barely off the beach. No dress code whatsoever.

Wynwood Kitchen & Bar  - Genuinely one of my FAVE's.  Well worth the taxi ride off the island.. they always have great events there. Sundays, if they still do it, attached to a flea market and you can drink champagne while you shop.

Tobacco Rd – Miami’s oldest bar, amazing burgers and ribs, and a true dirty dive bar. FUN! In my book anyway!

Michael’s Genuine in the Design District is very well revered but I think they are a bunch of pompous assholes.  But its pretty synonymous with Miami.  If you are in area, I suppose that’s where you should go.  

And last but not least, when you get some babysitting organized, be sure to hit the Richochet Lounge ~ a fantastic fusion of art, music and light bites.  

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